Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Peter Goulding - 50 not out

Peter Goulding at 50

A lovely fella or so they say
Had a milestone on St Stephens Day
Dutifully follows Shelbourne FC
A rhyming genius for all to see

We had a poetic duel you know
About Ricos hat, long time ago
His quality, out of my depth
But into rhyming battle I leapt

Our rival teams did this invoke
Passions shared, like minded folk,
There’s someone else who’s just like me
Likes League of Ireland and poetry

To me he’s been an inspiration
An expert in self publication
He’ll help and advise all day long
And never ever see you wrong

His poem count now is just scary
Subject matters, complex and varied
I think he writes some in his sleep
Counting poems, no room for sheep

The sands of time pass rather nifty
Last Sunday took him onto fifty
May all who meet him soon emit
That Peter Goulding’s full of wit

My fellow poet Pete Goulding reached 50 on St Stephens Day.
Happy Birthday Pete !!

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  1. Hi Darren, I am truly thrilled to be honoured in this way by a master craftsman like yourself, although there's many would say that the last line is not quite right! Many thanks for the kind and inspired words. As I recall, you out-poeticised me completely regarding Rico's hat! A happy New Year to you and yours