Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Spanish Archer

Go on, give us a kiss!

Spanish Archer
Vile Spanish Archer
No early departure
McCarthy lad tough
No rolling round stuff
A vicious attack
Deliberate whack
Red card did Mark render?
Laugh and joke with offender

Awardance of a free?
Visual periphery?
Accidental presumption?
Shows negative gumption
Why not be consistent
Consult your assistant
Failing that above all
Check your crystal ball

Very comfortable win
Made by heinous sin
No justice, just shame
By the refs guessing game
A bad mistake or a cunning plot?
For a league two game at Aldershot
 Three match ban escaped, a fraud
FIFAs rule book sadly flawed

An awful mistake by Mark Clattenburg lets Rooney away with an elbow on James McCarthy.

It is quite clear from the TV pictures that the referee had his eyes rightly on the ball and not on the "coming together" of Rooney and McCarthy so I thought that if the referee didn't see the offence then he couldn't give a free but he claims he saw the incident and took the appropriate action.

Surely any referee worth his salt, having seen a player purposely elbow another player would have branded a red card?
This can only mean that Clattenburg saw it in his peripheral vision and basically took a guess which has backfired on him horribly. Why didn't he consult his officials?

If the perceived foul had happened in the box would Mr Clattenburg have assumed a penalty?

Maybe he'd have asked the eight ball.

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