Monday, 23 May 2011

The Visit

The Visit
Lilibet came to visit last week
To the capital city of Cork
Ground breaking whatever your clique
House of Lancaster, Fraser or York
English Market she’ll first navigate
Fresh produce of the highest repute
Founded seventeen eighty eight
Then off to Tyndall Institute

It’s a pity we weren’t at home.
You could have stayed to see City, Nil Satis.
Rejigged Donie Forde with a throne
Entry and Programme free gratis

A half time Corners Boys escort
To Horseshoe Bar could be tricky
Transporting you and your consort
For a Gin and Dubonnet with Ricky

Full time then you’d be airport bound
Our taxi man Bickle’s a surety
Be sure though and take off the crown
To get fast tracked through airport security

And as you return home with glee
Having made some new friends out of strangers
Pledge allegiance, Cork City F.C.
And leave off your promoted Park Rangers

A poem to mark the visit to Cork by Queen Elizabeth on May 20th 2011.
If only we'd been at home.

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