Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Wireless

The Wireless
Come out for a chat on Saturday
Was the invite thrown my way
A twenty four hour sports broadcast
For Simon Community, as well as fast
Mid afternoon, Ronie was the hero
Talking Italian like Robert de Niro
A tad apprehensive of wireless debut
And possible words that I need to eschew
What if we run out of things to say?
Pat Healy’ll be there so we’ll all be okay
Myself, Pat and Gerry we chatted away
About football and books, at the end of the day
Twas all very cultural, almost academic
A comfortable subject, for us twas endemic
Quite happy to do it, tis there for posterity
All to raise funds for a well worthy charity.

I was invited out to the LifeFM studios last week to take part in a football discussion and talk about my book. They were having a 24 hour Sportathon and had interviews with Dave Barry, Damien Richardson and Roy Keane amongst others. Myself and Cork City FC historian Gerry Desmond chatted about football and about the travails of printing a book. A podcast of the show can be found here.

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