Monday, 3 October 2011

Stony Grey Rod

Stony Grey Rod

O stony grey Rod of Monaghan
Don’t make us hurt and aggrieved
Or take my childs football passion
And give us your Rod deceived.

You clogged the feet of my boyhood
With Dundalk in ninety one
Had the poise and stride of Apollo
And ended our unbeaten run

Don’t fling a ditch on my vision
My Premier dream don’t pollute
O stony grey Rod of Monaghan
With your Louis Copeland tin of fruit.

Lost the long hours of pleasure
Cork City, us women and men
O can I still bear First Division
Or write with unpoisoned pen

Brandywell, Dalymount, The Showgrounds
Wherever I turn I see
Not the stony grey Rod from Monaghan
But places we’re meant to be.

With thanks to Patrick Kavanagh.

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