Thursday, 29 September 2011

A Premier Spot

A Premier Spot
Two home defeats all in a row
More than matched our premier foe
Grand scheme of things not worth a jot
If we don’t get a premier spot

Cup Quarter Final, Pats again
Pete Mahon, the leagues comedian
Danny North, he turned and shot
But it’s all about a premier spot

Last Saturday night, scene was set
The game, few pints, our whistles wet
Whether Zayeds spotter scored or not
Our main concern, a premier spot

In Section A a crèche was made
As FOCCA Juniors learned their trade
My son mouth full of jelly tots
Shouts “Come on City, premier spot”

We've lost our last two home games, they were both cup games and both by one goal to nil against Premier Division opposition.
We were well on top for long periods in both games and have proven ourselves to be more than ready for a return.
In order to achieve this we have 5 Cup Finals left in the league and we need to win them all.
Starting with Finn Harps this Friday.

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