Monday, 29 November 2010

Ain't that a kick in the head.

Sometimes this cruel game of ours
Lulls you for a small few hours
Your players become superstars

Everything is going your way
One nil up at Spurs away
Lets all cheer, Hip Hip hooray

Few more chances then appear
Gripped by that away day fear
“Maxis miss will cost us dear”

Atkinson, dastardly fellow
Each red tackle colours yellow
No violin, where’s my cello?

Penalised, handball outside
Justice as the ball goes wide
Game was Jekyll, now turns Hyde

Defensive self harm, then I’m
A victim of a heinous crime
Pint size strike in injury time.

You know the feeling, playing the opposition off the park, score then have 2 or 3 gilt edge chances to put the game to bed and fail to take them.
You just know you're going to pay later on and even when they miss a penalty, you know the drama is far from over. When the equaliser goes in its just a matter of time.
Dean Martin may have had a different meaning but it works here.
And all this before the cup draw. ;-)

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