Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Miller Time

Miller  Time

St Patricks church a text relayed
Our first delay with Joe Delea
Nothing after that went wrong
It was Miller time the whole day long

Two hours thirty, there at last
A bonus was Blaahland bypassed
The grub at Whitford House sublime
As well as some more Miller time.

What could ruin this carefree day
The match, oh yeah, a vile display
Missed pen started our decline
Culminating in Killers crime

Not fit to wear the shirt you see
Why can’t the players care like me?
Desire and passion aren’t a crime
Two cents delivered? more a dime

But who would local offies roam?
To fill the bus for journey home
Our best man Ken, we did assign
Two more boxes of Miller time.

Post match anger, sheer frustration
Didn’t ruin our closing celebration           
Season finished off in style
Did I mention it was Miller time?

1 comment:

  1. Ah, very good. Bizarre how it can help to lighten the most desperate situations, eh?