Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The cost of ownership

FORAS - Our supporters trust is the lifeblood of our club
It's memberships fund our club and is run by the fans for the fans.

The cost of ownership

“I own my own club” a man whispered to me
It’s not Barcelona, Cork City F.C.
Smaller in size but the structures the same
Proud, fervent people and the beautiful game
Gone the bad days of Arkaga and Coughlan
Doom and despair with the drama queens bawlin’
I was quite glad, holding company went
It gave us a chance to regroup, re-invent
Not for the debtors or those owed the wages
To take the club forward in sensible stages

Rebuilt from ruins in a short space of time
Opinions may differ, there’s mountains to climb
As owners there’s responsibility too
Otherwise the workload it rests with the few
FORAS means development, well worthy of trust
For your children and grandkids you know it’s a must
One season down but there’s lifetimes to go
Build a solid foundation on which it can grow
Onwards and upwards, ownerships not a mystery
Come be a part of Corks footballing history.

We need new members, so if you'd like own your own club, that is uniquely Cork, and is safeguarding Cork football for generations to come.
It's something special, be a part of it.

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