Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Peter Goulding - 50 not out

Peter Goulding at 50

A lovely fella or so they say
Had a milestone on St Stephens Day
Dutifully follows Shelbourne FC
A rhyming genius for all to see

We had a poetic duel you know
About Ricos hat, long time ago
His quality, out of my depth
But into rhyming battle I leapt

Our rival teams did this invoke
Passions shared, like minded folk,
There’s someone else who’s just like me
Likes League of Ireland and poetry

To me he’s been an inspiration
An expert in self publication
He’ll help and advise all day long
And never ever see you wrong

His poem count now is just scary
Subject matters, complex and varied
I think he writes some in his sleep
Counting poems, no room for sheep

The sands of time pass rather nifty
Last Sunday took him onto fifty
May all who meet him soon emit
That Peter Goulding’s full of wit

My fellow poet Pete Goulding reached 50 on St Stephens Day.
Happy Birthday Pete !!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A Christmas Wish

A Christmas Wish

Summer season brings delights
Balmy July Friday nights
It has been better for our game
There’s things I long for all the same
I miss games on St Stephens Day
Exiles home for holidays
Stand together shoe to shoe
As a freezing wind cuts you in two
Halt time Bovril such a treat
You can no longer feel your feet
Back to the pub, real fire burns
Hot toddy makes your feet return
Post match sessions were sublime
I miss football at Christmas time.

It’s hard to believe its 8 years since our last Christmas game.
Dec 17th 2002.
Cork City defeated Bray Wanderers by 3 goals to 1 with a John O’Flynn hat trick.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

This week i'll be mostly listening to...

Back to a semblance of normality this week.
New tune from Crystal Castles with vocals by Robert Smith.

Still loving The Drums.
this is their new single Me and the Moon

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

This week all i've been listening to...

is Lazytown.

Lazytown Rules my house.
Lazytown Rules my car.

Robbie Rottens evil plans are all that keep me going.
Well he is the Master of Disguise after all.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Never meet your heroes

Poet and Indie Legend
Cyprus Avenue last Saturday night was a fantastic gig.
I promised Gedge that i'd mail him a copy of my book.
Every song made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.
Here's one.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Ain't that a kick in the head.

Sometimes this cruel game of ours
Lulls you for a small few hours
Your players become superstars

Everything is going your way
One nil up at Spurs away
Lets all cheer, Hip Hip hooray

Few more chances then appear
Gripped by that away day fear
“Maxis miss will cost us dear”

Atkinson, dastardly fellow
Each red tackle colours yellow
No violin, where’s my cello?

Penalised, handball outside
Justice as the ball goes wide
Game was Jekyll, now turns Hyde

Defensive self harm, then I’m
A victim of a heinous crime
Pint size strike in injury time.

You know the feeling, playing the opposition off the park, score then have 2 or 3 gilt edge chances to put the game to bed and fail to take them.
You just know you're going to pay later on and even when they miss a penalty, you know the drama is far from over. When the equaliser goes in its just a matter of time.
Dean Martin may have had a different meaning but it works here.
And all this before the cup draw. ;-)

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

This week I'll be mostly listening to

Jenny and Johnny - Big Wave

and a little bit of nostalgia
Housemartins - Think for a minute.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Harry & Paul

The most recent series of Harry and Paul has been poor to say the least but these two lads make me laugh every week.

and they topped it off with this.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The cost of ownership

FORAS - Our supporters trust is the lifeblood of our club
It's memberships fund our club and is run by the fans for the fans.

The cost of ownership

“I own my own club” a man whispered to me
It’s not Barcelona, Cork City F.C.
Smaller in size but the structures the same
Proud, fervent people and the beautiful game
Gone the bad days of Arkaga and Coughlan
Doom and despair with the drama queens bawlin’
I was quite glad, holding company went
It gave us a chance to regroup, re-invent
Not for the debtors or those owed the wages
To take the club forward in sensible stages

Rebuilt from ruins in a short space of time
Opinions may differ, there’s mountains to climb
As owners there’s responsibility too
Otherwise the workload it rests with the few
FORAS means development, well worthy of trust
For your children and grandkids you know it’s a must
One season down but there’s lifetimes to go
Build a solid foundation on which it can grow
Onwards and upwards, ownerships not a mystery
Come be a part of Corks footballing history.

We need new members, so if you'd like own your own club, that is uniquely Cork, and is safeguarding Cork football for generations to come.
It's something special, be a part of it.

Join here

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Miller Time

Miller  Time

St Patricks church a text relayed
Our first delay with Joe Delea
Nothing after that went wrong
It was Miller time the whole day long

Two hours thirty, there at last
A bonus was Blaahland bypassed
The grub at Whitford House sublime
As well as some more Miller time.

What could ruin this carefree day
The match, oh yeah, a vile display
Missed pen started our decline
Culminating in Killers crime

Not fit to wear the shirt you see
Why can’t the players care like me?
Desire and passion aren’t a crime
Two cents delivered? more a dime

But who would local offies roam?
To fill the bus for journey home
Our best man Ken, we did assign
Two more boxes of Miller time.

Post match anger, sheer frustration
Didn’t ruin our closing celebration           
Season finished off in style
Did I mention it was Miller time?

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Cummins Wins PFAI First Division Player of the Year

Graham receiving his award from another Graeme
Congratulations to Graham Cummins on winning the PFAI First Division Player of the Year award. Graham was presented with the award at the 2010 PFAI Awards Night at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin on Saturday night.
Graham’s superb form this season saw him attract attention from a number of clubs, as he netted 18 league goals in 32 appearances, as well as a goal in each of the cup competitions.

Monday, 8 November 2010

This week i'll be mostly liking - The Vaccines

Saw these lads on Jools last Friday night
The played 2 tracks
This is called If You Wanna

Their 2nd track was called Blow it Up, top class.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Wexford Away October 30th 2010

Our final day trip to Wexford was a great day out, despite a first ever delay with Joe Delea and the fact that our "players" were spineless and disinterested.

(Take no notice of the dates on the pics, clerical error)

Ronie and Flash enjoying the refreshments

Ladies of the BOM

Oh its all very quiet down the back.

Damien telling jokes but Pat is having none of it.

Hilarious stuff Damo

Ronie and Rickski

Darren agus Ronie

Friday, 29 October 2010

This week i be mostly listening to....

This is Marina and the Diamonds, got the album during the week and was very very impressed, albums called The Family Jewels and this is one gem off it called Shampain.

This is the new single from Tape the Radio, its called Our Love is a Broken Heart and its a lovely choon. Heard it on Steve Lamacq on 6Music last week

Friday, 22 October 2010

Our First Season

Our first season
Borne by treason
Rhyme and reason

All quite blurry
Team did hurry
Draw in Derry

Though sometimes tough
Home form was rough
Some awful stuff

The Four Five One
Abhorred by some
Adored by one

Progress as well
Horseshoe,  no smell
My book did sell

FORAS stay strong
Our club prolong
Where we belong

Thanks a tonne
To everyone
A job well done
Our first season as a fan run club, mid table with some fantastic young players.
Heres hoping we can keep them for a promotion push next season.
City til I die.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Cork City Home League Attendances 2010 Season

We've done ok overall for our very first season.
The first 3 or 4 games set us up nicely for the season.
Well Done to all involved.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Lone Star

Lone Star

Friday nights, look to the sky
Put on that jersey, do or die
One thing stands out, it shines so bright
Our lone star lighting up the night

So many times we’ve uttered why?
It’s made us angry, made us cry
Who can save us from this plight?
Our lone star lighting up the night

When City score it’s just implied
Our one man scoring goal supply,
Record books he will rewrite
Our lone star lighting up the night

Like shooting stars he soon will fly
To bigger, better, wave goodbye
His goals they made us all delight
Our lone star lighting up the night

19 20 goals in all competitons, without him we would have been in serious trouble, Thank you Graham Cummins.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

This week i'll be mostly listening to

This is my favourite song from the latest Interpol album, simply called Interpol, this is called Memory Serves

This is the new single from Paul Smith, lead singer of Maximo Park, its called Our Lady of Lourdes and is the first single from his new albium Margins out in November.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Questions for Hodgson

Full backs discarded, complete exposition
Why are they all playing out of position?

Wide open spaces, defensively frail
What does the future for Carra entail?

Stevie G shifting from super to shame
Why can’t he be interested every game?

Torres frustrated, his shoulders look leaden
When will our greatest asset be headin’?

Ngog is like Keane, he would drive you to drink.
Why can’t he be potent while having to think?

Meireles and Poulsen, defensively native
Have we any invention, someone creative?

Things are so desperate, everyone pained
Would all this have happened had Rafa remained?

Friday, 1 October 2010

Hens Teeth

Hens Teeth
Last 4 games chaos reigned
Conceded 8, faces pained
Shipping goals like no tomorrow
Bringing woe, distress and sorrow
Ne’er mind a trophy, plate or cup
Put in the plug and shore it up
Schoolboy errors did abound
Dirty bedclothes all around
Last night free of all transgression
Despite minimal Utrecht oppression
Martin and Jamie all stitched up
Were only superficial cuts
A rarity just like hens teeth
A shiny Liverpool clean sheet

Thursday, 30 September 2010


My friend Pat Connolly asked me a while back, to write a poem about basketball.
Sure I haven't a clue about the game I said to him.

But recently I have started taking my little girl to basketball training and what better way to pass the hour waiting for it to finish than to bring a notepad and write a poem, so I did.

Below is one of Pats photos from the glory days of Cork basketball in the 1980's

Team Britvic Jasper McElroy wins tip-off against Burgerland Joe Healy. Picture: Courtesy of Pat Connolly.

The sound it rings across the hall
The hollow sound of bouncing ball

There’s lots of stuff for to remember
From diehard player to casual member

One point per throw will do just fine
The pressure of the free throw line

Two refs for foul or violation
Or just to quell the aggravation

Three points on offer all the time
When shooting from that oval line

Four team fouls allowed quarterly
Otherwise its throws for free

Five players start, fresh and alive
They’re AKA the starting five

Offence means time to attack,
Defence means strong at the back

Can be dangerous, all get down
Fella’s shooting from downtown

Get out there play, don’t stand like statues
For Demons, Neptune or Father Mathews

Friday, 24 September 2010

God Bless

God please bless the volunteer
Take the tickets, Wash the gear
Sacrificing match night beer
Place in heaven there’s no fear

God please those detractors scold
Would anybody be so bold
Chips and spiteful grudges hold
We dare to tempt them from the cold

Those who want to drag our name
Into the gutter, their sole aim
Dodgy flares their claim to fame
They seek return to No Bobs shame

It’s been a year of lesson learning
Our taste ever more discerning
Few more wins we have been yearning
But overall our tide is turning

We are nearing the end of our first season as a fan run club.
Fair play to everyone and to the begrudgers, you know what to do.
This poem will be published in tonights match day programme against Longford Town.

Monday, 20 September 2010

This week i'll be mostly listening to....

The Hundred in the Hands -Pigeons

and The Drums debut album, called The Drums
Last Saturday morning myself and the kids danced around the kitchen to this, brilliant

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Wexford Horror Show

There will be some scary individuals heading to Wexford on October 30th for the last game of the season.
The FOCC Express springs back into action for the day.
Joe Deleas sprightly 16 seater will be the preferred carriage of choice.

and remember, theres No Delay with Joe Delea

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Home Form

Home Form has been atrocious,
We have scored 11 goals at home in 12 league games, only Salthill have scored less.
The shame of it.

Our gaffer says "We’ve got to pick up our home form."

When I say Mediocrity, i'm being kind.


Home form not patchy
Just plain head scratchy
Nil- one quite catchy
Not Fort Apache

Home form very poor
Friday force majeure
Defeat de rigueur
Heading for the door

Home form unfruitful
Culprits not ruthful
To be quite truthful
No longer youthful

Home form a pity
So far from pretty
Fortress Cork City?

Friday, 27 August 2010

Romancing the Tome

Butterfly belly
Legs of jelly
Rico off the telly
Percy Bysshe Shelley

Crowd inspirin’
My speech aspirin’
Darren perspirin’
George Gordon Byron

No empty seats
Verbal treats
Meets and greets
John Keats

Books did flow
My heart aglow
Sore hand though
Edgar Allan Poe

Thanks to Sonya O'Neill, Declan Daly, Pat Healy and Damien Richardson for their words of wisdom and to everyone who turned up last Friday night, I was overwhelmed by the support.

This will appear in tonights match programme, Monaghan United in the Cup.

Thursday, 26 August 2010


A call came out for someone to make some sandwiches for our clubs long distance away fixture at runaway leaders Derry City.

Its still not clear what was in them but it worked, we won 1-0.

Some like them plain
Just cheese or just ham
With butter or not
Sandwich spread or spam

There’s pickle and onion,
Or mayo and relish
Whatever will best
your sandwich embellish

Pork and onion with mayo
On Granny Pan Bread
Grand Auntie Madgie
At lunch time me fed

Taytos or sugar
Boring or thrilling
You really can have
Just about any filling

What ever was in
them for the Derry game
Inspired the victory
Please more of the same.

Published in the Cork  City FC match programme for the game against Waterford United on August 20th 2010

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Reflections from the Shed Book Launch

Many thanks to everyone who came last Friday night.
It was a huge success

It is now for sale online at http://www.corkcityfc.net/book

For those who couldn't make it, my good friend Pat Healy recorded the event

Here are a few videos.

Declan Daly and Damien Richardson speaking at the launch.

Yours truly

Below are some photos taken on the night

Myself and Citys legendary captain Declan Daly.

Myself and Damien Richardson

Signing Gerry Desmonds book.

Signing Ronáns book.

Myself and my wife Cynthia

Alan, Myself, Rico, Damien and Paul