Tuesday, 12 July 2011

When I Grow Up...

When I Grow Up
My sons inherent charm
Is a ball under his arm
He strikes it like a jet
Shouting “Back of the Net”
Energy we cannot shackle
He’s not afraid of a tackle
Like his dad it does enthral
Eats, sleeps and drinks football
He came up to me last week
With certainty did speak
“I know what I want to be
When I grow up you see”
I curiously inquired
At what the boy desired
"A football player" he said
Ball bouncing on his head
"Cos I’m very good you see
Although I’m only three"

My little lad bounded in from the back garden the other day and announced that when he grows up he would like to be a "football player" because "I'm very good at football"
My heart swelled with pride.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Desert Island Disciple

Desert Island Disciple
I heard about this chap last week
Got off his desert island
His fire spotted by a plane
He had started on the highland

 Joyous relief he did proclaim
Thankful but not withdrawn
When asked from whence he came
He simply uttered “Gurran”

Is there anyone you want to ring?
Asked those who had chanced upon
He inquired to just one thing
“How are City gettin’ on?”

Fifteen games without defeat
Promotion push on track
The lowly Blaahs came to compete
Took the monkey off our back

He smiled so awkward and clunky
Took a last look up at the dune
If I ever see another monkey
It’ll be a day too soon

All I've been listening to lately is Desert Island Disc podcasts from the BBC website
A fascinating show that gives an amazing insight into peoples lives.
People from every corner of every spectrum. Well worth a perusal.

Cork City had played the first 15 games of this season unbeaten until the visit of Waterford United last week when three defensive errors handed them a 3-2 victory.
To some supporters it's like the end of the world but imagine if you'd been on a desert island since the beginning of March and only just been discovered, things wouldn't look half as bad.

Gurran is short for Gurranabraher (pronounced Grawnabrawher) an area on the Northside of Cork City.