Thursday, 30 June 2011

Glastonbury 2011- highlights

This was the song of the Glastonbury weekend for me.
Excellent set from The Horrors, this is the first single from their new album to be called Skying, the choon is Still Life.

The stand out performance has to be Janelle Monae, so much energy, twould give you the heart to go on.

And of course I couldn't let the weekend go by without his masters voice.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Weather Diversity

Cup Diversity
Gorgeous Friday night in June
Balmy evening, most opportune
Knockgriffin Park the scene is set
East Cork pining for Cup upset
Perfect football watching weather
The games fraternity drawn together
Jumper brought still waist entwined
Sixteen degrees at half past nine

Three days later more of the same
Another cup another game
Premier Dubs were coming down
A test to show how much we’d grown
The summer sun a distant friend
Showers, dark clouds, rain descends
Big coats and hats, umbrellas too
Fridays sun all gone, Atchoo!

We played Midleton FC below in Midleton last Friday night in the FAI Cup 3rd Round.
A glorious occassion for our East Cork neighbours and a glorious evening to boot.

We played St Patricks Athletic yesterday at Turners Cross in the League Cup Quarter Final, a mere 3 days later on what was a miserable day. Through the wind and rain.

We won both matches and progressed in both cups

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Let there be light

Let there be light

FAI bulb went on
Coffers thin like chiffon
Stadium loan to pay
Tournament we’ll play
A frenzied build up
Carling Nations Cup
Decree from the powers
Back twenty four hours
Gates badly affected
Natives disaffected

MFA bulb went out
Can they make do without?
Floodlight replacement
Old bulb displacement
Long finger it stayed
Til last weeks charade
Gale force winds began
Contingency plan?
Now six thirty start
You’re breaking my heart

So the FAI make us move our home match with Mervue United from our regular Friday night slot back to Thursday because a couple of hundred miles away Northern Ireland are playing Wales.

On top of this the Munster Football Associations floodlight maintenance, the day before our match, hits a wall as gale force winds suspend work on safety grounds, meaning our 7.45pm Thursday evening kick off becomes a 6.30pm start.

Despite all these obstacles put in our way we still manage a crowd of over 1200 people but its still down on our season average of over 2000. Northern Ireland v Wales on the other hand had an attendance of 529.