Thursday, 30 September 2010


My friend Pat Connolly asked me a while back, to write a poem about basketball.
Sure I haven't a clue about the game I said to him.

But recently I have started taking my little girl to basketball training and what better way to pass the hour waiting for it to finish than to bring a notepad and write a poem, so I did.

Below is one of Pats photos from the glory days of Cork basketball in the 1980's

Team Britvic Jasper McElroy wins tip-off against Burgerland Joe Healy. Picture: Courtesy of Pat Connolly.

The sound it rings across the hall
The hollow sound of bouncing ball

There’s lots of stuff for to remember
From diehard player to casual member

One point per throw will do just fine
The pressure of the free throw line

Two refs for foul or violation
Or just to quell the aggravation

Three points on offer all the time
When shooting from that oval line

Four team fouls allowed quarterly
Otherwise its throws for free

Five players start, fresh and alive
They’re AKA the starting five

Offence means time to attack,
Defence means strong at the back

Can be dangerous, all get down
Fella’s shooting from downtown

Get out there play, don’t stand like statues
For Demons, Neptune or Father Mathews

Friday, 24 September 2010

God Bless

God please bless the volunteer
Take the tickets, Wash the gear
Sacrificing match night beer
Place in heaven there’s no fear

God please those detractors scold
Would anybody be so bold
Chips and spiteful grudges hold
We dare to tempt them from the cold

Those who want to drag our name
Into the gutter, their sole aim
Dodgy flares their claim to fame
They seek return to No Bobs shame

It’s been a year of lesson learning
Our taste ever more discerning
Few more wins we have been yearning
But overall our tide is turning

We are nearing the end of our first season as a fan run club.
Fair play to everyone and to the begrudgers, you know what to do.
This poem will be published in tonights match day programme against Longford Town.

Monday, 20 September 2010

This week i'll be mostly listening to....

The Hundred in the Hands -Pigeons

and The Drums debut album, called The Drums
Last Saturday morning myself and the kids danced around the kitchen to this, brilliant

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Wexford Horror Show

There will be some scary individuals heading to Wexford on October 30th for the last game of the season.
The FOCC Express springs back into action for the day.
Joe Deleas sprightly 16 seater will be the preferred carriage of choice.

and remember, theres No Delay with Joe Delea

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Home Form

Home Form has been atrocious,
We have scored 11 goals at home in 12 league games, only Salthill have scored less.
The shame of it.

Our gaffer says "We’ve got to pick up our home form."

When I say Mediocrity, i'm being kind.


Home form not patchy
Just plain head scratchy
Nil- one quite catchy
Not Fort Apache

Home form very poor
Friday force majeure
Defeat de rigueur
Heading for the door

Home form unfruitful
Culprits not ruthful
To be quite truthful
No longer youthful

Home form a pity
So far from pretty
Fortress Cork City?