Monday, 12 March 2012

Music Update

Right, here's what I'm listening to at the moment.
A New York band called We Are Augustines, this is Chapel Song.

This is by the Wonder Villains they are from the North and this is called Ferrari.

Don't forget to purchase the new album by the Frank and Walters called Greenwich Mean Time.
Here's the recent single "Indie Love Song".

and also the new Wedding Present album Valentina is being released next week.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Barn Door

The Barn Door
Just close your eyes, picture this if you can
Mad money each week, yet still only a man
You’re given the chance from just twelve yards away
It’s now four defeats in the last seven played

Fortress called Anfield is a thing of the past
Four wins in thirteen, faithful sit there aghast
Opposing teams keepers who a cold couldn’t catch
Coincidence they’re all getting man of the match?

Always conflict and drama surrounding the club
Would have been better handled by a few down the pub
Fire fighting not football the name of the game
Cantankerous Kenny adding fire to the flame

Why can’t they just put the ball in the net?
Creating the chances without being a threat
That barn door from training will just have to go
Relying on Bessie and her five string banjo

6 penalites missed already this season (not including shoot outs). Again last Saturday you had players fighting over the ball, this should be all sorted out in advance.
Dire home form resulting in no chance of Champions League qualification.
An appalling 8.5% success rate from chances created.
If only Torres had stayed, he'd have 40 goals.