Friday, 12 August 2011

Last Friday Night

Last Friday night

Sat together
As always
 Jug of Tuborg
Going down

Smiling faces
All around
10 points adrift, we hosted the league leaders Shelbourne last Friday, they had a 100% away record and we went a goal down after 3 minutes.

Cue an amazing comeback to completely blow away Shelbourne 4-1, only for their keeper and the woodwork it would have been 8 or 9.

Picture the scene of a group of grumpy old men sitting in the pub afterwards, not speaking, cos they have nothing to be grumpy about, just drinking and above all else beaming from ear to ear.

This weeks choon

I heard this song on Paul McClunes show the other night and thought what a lovely tune.
Then he told me it was the new single from one of my favourite bands The Drums.
Top Class.

Friday, 5 August 2011

A Club Foras

A Club Foras

My annual reminder
Lads playing a blinder
There are lots still to do
With off the field too
Trojan work done already
To keep our ship steady
Some constants as we grow
Players come and they go
If you can volunteer, do
Pay your subs if they’re due
This is our club, for us
Make sure you’re on the bus
Don’t be left on the shelf
Club won’t run itself
Have a vote and your say
Join FORAS today

My annual reminder to all Cork City fans that as a fan run club we have to keep volunteering and keep supporting both vocally and financially.

FORAS is the name of our supporters trust, its an Irish word meaning development or growth and is pronounced "for-us"

This poem will appear in the League Cup Semi Final programme versus Limerick next Monday night.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Shels spells.

Shels spells.
The call it came,
When’s our next game?
 A two week break?
For goodness sake
One defeat gleaned
From our nineteen
Still slightly miffed
Ten points adrift
This is our chance
To take a stance
We’ll cast some spells
On evil Shels
Let’s take no crap
And bridge that gap

The big one this Friday, Shelbourne at home.
It's not even so much about bridging the gap but we have to keep winning.