Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Insulting A Nation.

Insulting a Nation

Nearing the Trap door
False hope, false floor
Too many years old
Bare pulse, heart cold

No guile or intrigue
No talent, no league?
Wesley to create
Traps job to frustrate

Players perplexed
Fans getting vexed
Labour limitations
Team mutation

Sergeant Bilko
or Plastic Pilko?
Poor Paul Green
It’s quite obscene

Crazy old man
Non football fan
Stubborn and aloof
Fond of a hoof

Road to nowhere
He doesn’t care
No loss in translation
Insulting a nation

“In Ireland, there is no league. In Sweden, there is league. In Austria, there is league. That is different.”
Is he just a stubborn old man or is he only doing this to annoy us. So long Trap.