Friday, 31 August 2012


Corky the cheetah is number 84
He came knock knocking upon my door.
When he looked through the window,
We were hiding on the floor.

We were scared, you see,
Of his sharp and shiny teeth.
So we dived on the carpet
And hid under our seat.

We then found out
He was a cute and kindly cat
Plays football with the kids
In Douglas every Sat.

So if you see Corky
He won't eat you alive
Don't be scared of him
Just give him a high five.

Sasha O'Keeffe
Aged 9

Published in the Cork City match day programme for the game against St Patricks Athletic on August 13th 2012.
Also acclaimed as Football Poets poem of the week on August 30th 2012

Friday, 24 August 2012

One in Ten

One in Ten
One in ten and fading fast
Victories, all in the past
As Vera said, we’ll win again
Don’t know where, don’t know when

So if we take the lead
We totally recede
We sit back and defend
Afraid that we’ll distend

Without fail we concede
No more shall we lead
Supporters groan and frown,
Players’ heads go down

And if we are consigned
To cruelly go behind
We all sit there disgusted
The game is done and dusted

We’re fragile and frail
Leaderless, we fail
Facing the unknown
Sinking like a stone

Deemed unstuitable for the official match programme.
Too critical.
After one win in ten it's not critical enough for me.

Monday, 20 August 2012


Welcome all to Turners Cross
The Devils, Hornets, Barstool
I won’t be there I’m afraid
I’ll be sipping beer by the pool

A well deserved break in the sun
Somewhere foreign, beyond the sea,
Sun and funshine for everyone
Underneath a shady palm tree

As the wind whips across Section A
I will be well out of reach
Don’t bother thinking of me
As I’m sipping Sagres on the beach

Enjoy the half time hot toddy
As I’m buried in sand by the sea
Flor Griffin there with fingers crossed
As they lose yet another TV

In essence games of no importance
As the waves just lap on the shore
But if you can still feel your fingers
Don’t forget to text me the score.

This was written a few weeks back for the friendlies against Watford and Manchester United and while it wasn't deemed suitable for those match programmes (sigh).
I'm putting it up here for your delectation.