Friday, 12 April 2013

An Icon of Individualism

An Icon of Individualism
Single focus, tunnel vision
What she wanted, her decision
Cabinet, frightened schoolboys all
The iron handbag made them crawl

Opposed a ban on ivory trade
Las Malvinas, rash crusade
Belgrano most heinous of crimes
Three hundred and twenty three lives
Against Mandela and the ANC
Apartheid reign got your decree
You beat the Unions methods sly
You let the hunger strikers die

Football fans the under class
Big Brother ID cards en masse
Hillsborough’s deathly lies laid bare
Collusion, scorn and laissez faire.

Coal mines closed throughout the land
Miners left with cap in hand
Ruined communities, burn and slash
While coppers goaded them with cash

Community charge your force majeure
Burden moved from rich to poor
Geoffrey Howe so quiet and meek
Dug the knife in firm and deep

You helped Pol Pot while cast away
Took Pinochet for tea one day
With hungry children across the nation
School milk a further deprivation

Your latter years were filled with pain
Dementia, small strokes chipped away
Gone from your own mind, however
Your monstrous past remains forever

Well she has finally died and while I cannot condone celebrating the death of a frail old lady the world must never forget the horrible things she did to so many people.

The list goes on and on and on.

The name was taken from the following article from Russell Brand.

All the TV of the last week has certainly taken me back to the 80's and while I have this romantic notion of my teenage years, it certainly was economically a dank and dismal time.