Monday, 30 December 2013

My Top 5 Albums of 2013

Top 5 albums of 2013 In reverse order of course.
At Number 5, Mosquito by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
Here's the title track.

The Number 4 spot is occupied by Wavves and their album Afraid of Heights.
This track is called Sail to the Sun.

The Number 3 album for me was AM by the Arctic Monkeys, completely diverse for them but still fantastic.
This is track 3 and is called One For The Road.

For me this is their best album in a good few years, the Kings of Leon and Mechanical Bull at No 2.
This track is called Wait For Me.

For me the best album of 2013 was Swim Deep and their debut entitled Where the Heaven Are We?
Nothing better than a new band coming along with a breath of fresh air.
This track is called She Changes The Weather.

Friday, 15 November 2013

An seachtain seo, Tá mé ag éisteacht le.........

This is what I am listening to right now.

Chvrches are a Scottish synthpop band, this tune is called Tehther and I'm quite fond of it.
Their new album "The Bones of What you Believe" was released a few weeks ago.

This next tune is by a band called Phantogram and is called Mouthful of Diamonds.
US band in a similr vein to Chvrches, some lovely vocals with some catchy keyboards and guitars.

The next few I heard on the radio this week and liked them all, three in a row.
Felt Tip - Love or Pity

Big Deal - Swapping Spit

Cults - I can hardly make you mine.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Insulting A Nation.

Insulting a Nation

Nearing the Trap door
False hope, false floor
Too many years old
Bare pulse, heart cold

No guile or intrigue
No talent, no league?
Wesley to create
Traps job to frustrate

Players perplexed
Fans getting vexed
Labour limitations
Team mutation

Sergeant Bilko
or Plastic Pilko?
Poor Paul Green
It’s quite obscene

Crazy old man
Non football fan
Stubborn and aloof
Fond of a hoof

Road to nowhere
He doesn’t care
No loss in translation
Insulting a nation

“In Ireland, there is no league. In Sweden, there is league. In Austria, there is league. That is different.”
Is he just a stubborn old man or is he only doing this to annoy us. So long Trap.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Young People, New Albums.

Here is some fresh new talent with new albums in August.
and before you say I heard of them ages ago, remember, I am middle aged.

No, it's not that old Stranglers tune, it's Swim Deep, I'm very excited about this band.
Their new album "Where the Heaven are we?" was released last week.
The album can be streamed from here.

This next one is an 18 year old lad from London called Archie Marshall, recording under the moniker of King Krule.
For me he's a raw blend of Jamie T and Billy Bragg, he will also release an album this month called 6 Feet Beneath the Moon.

The last one is a 19 year old lad from LA called Earl Sweatshirt (not his real name).
This is called Chum and is from his album Doris to be released August 20th.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Back to the Grindstone.

Holidays are over for another year.
Here are some tunes I listened to while away.

Usually don't like bands with beards but this is nice.

Newish dublin band called Little Green Cars, loving the new album Absolute Zero with this being the stand out track for me.

Afraid of Heights is the album, Wavves are the band, top notch, get on it.
Sail to the Sun.

and finally one for the kids, they love this one. From the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album of the same name.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Avondale United Season 2012/2013

Played 50 Won 42, Drawn 4, Lost 4, Goals For 136, Goals Against 36
The season included a 45 match unbeaten run that ran from late August 2012 to early June 2013.

Trophies won
Tom Hand Trophy
Keane Cup
Donie Forde Cup
FAI Intermediate Cup
Munster Senior League Premier Division
Beamish Cup

50Rockmount16/06/2013A1-3Michael Kiernan
49Waterford United12/06/2013TX0-3 
48Sheriff YC09/06/2013H1-2Graham McCarthy
47College Corinthians06/06/2013H5-1Danny Long, Eoghan Lougheed 2, Graham McCarthy, Ian Stapleton
46Douglas Hall04/06/2013H3-0Eoghan Lougheed, o.g., David Spratt
44UCC30/05/2013H3-1David Spratt, Ian Stapleton 2
43Midleton 28/05/2013H5-2Ian Stapleton 2, Brian Murphy, Eoghan Lougheed, Michael Mulconroy
42St Marys26/05/2013TX5-0David Spratt, Kevin Mulcahy, Ian Stapleton 2, Mark O’Sullivan
41Douglas Hall23/05/2013A1-0Ian Stapleton
40St Marys21/05/2013A3-1Ian Stapleton 2 (1pen), Mark O’Sullivan
39Blarney United19/05/2013H2-0Mark O’Sullivan 2
38Everton16/05/2013H1-0Ian Stapleton
37College Corinthians14/05/2013A3-1Mark O’Sullivan, Eoghan Lougheed, Ian Stapleton
36Bluebell United12/05/2013A4-1Roy Long 2, Ian Stapleton (pen), Kevin Mulcahy
35Fermoy04/05/2013H3-0Ian Stapleton 2, Danny Long
34Rockmount01/05/2013H2-1Mark O’Sullivan, Ian Stapleton
33Cork City23/04/2013H2-0Graham McCarthy, David Spratt
32Mayfield United20/04/2013H6-1Graham McCarthy, Ian Stapleton 2, Karl Caulfield, Mark O’Sullivan 2
31College Corinthians12/04/2013TX3-2 aetMark O’Sullivan, Ian Stapleton, Danny Long
30Leixlip United07/04/2013A2-0Ian Stapleton, Mark O’Sullivan
29Wilton United31/03/2013A3-0Ian Stapleton, Roy Long, Graham McCarthy
28College Corinthians24/03/2013A1-1Roy Long
27Tramore Athletic16/03/2013H3-0David Spratt, Roy Long 2
26UCC08/03/2013TX2-1 aetDanny Long, Roy Long
25Beggsboro03/03/2013H1-0Kevin Mulcahy
24Fermoy24/02/2013A5-0Mark O'Sullivan (4), Ian Stapleton
23Limerick FC17/02/2013H4-2Ian Stapleton (pen), Roy Long, o.g., Mark O'Sullivan
22College Corinthians10/02/2013H2-0Danny Long (2)
21Rockmount03/02/2013H1-0Danny Long
20UCC19/01/2013A1-0Ian Stapleton
19Rockmount12/01/2013H2-0Conor Meade, Graham McCarthy
18Mayfield United05/01/2013H7-0Eoin Lougheed, Conor Meade (2), Roy Long, Danny Long, Mark O'Sullivan, Michael Kiernan
17Leeside19/12/2012A2-1Brian Fitzgerald, Roy Long
16Rockmount09/12/2012A2-0Ian Stapleton, Graham McCarthy
15Cherry Orchard02/12/2012A2-0Ian Stapleton, Mark O'Sullivan
14Everton18/11/2012A3-0Eoin Lougheed (2), Kevin Mulcahy
13Everton10/11/2012H6-0Ian Stapleton (3), Conor Meade, David Spratt, Declan Cahill
12Castleview04/11/2012H6-0Eoin Lougheed, Conor Meade (2), Brian Fitzgerald, Ian Stapleton (2)
11Fermoy28/10/2012H2-0Conor Meade (pen), Mark O'Sullivan
10Midleton19/10/2012A3-1Mark O'Sullivan, Conor Meade, Kevin Mulcahy
9Douglas Hall13/10/2012H6-3Mark Horgan (2), Conor Meade, Karl Caulfield, Declan Cahill, Graham McCarthy
8Fermoy07/10/2012A3-1Mark O'Sullivan, Ken Murphy, David Spratt
7Cobh Wanderers29/09/2012A2-0o.g., Ian Stapleton
6Mayfield United15/09/2012A2-2Brian Murphy, Danny Long
5St Marys07/09/2012H2-2Conor Meade, Mark O'Sullivan (pen)
4Mallow United01/09/2012A2-1David Spratt (2)
3Glasheen30/08/2012A4-0Ian Stapleton (2), David Spratt, Mark O'Sullivan
1Sheriff YC19/08/2012A2-1David Spratt, Roy Long